Comments And Feedback (Permits, Applications and Forms)

  1. Request to Meet Mayor Holloway

Events (Permits, Applications and Forms)

  1. Run-Walk Event Permit

  2. Special Event Permit

Natural Disaster Updates

  1. American Red Cross

  2. FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

  3. H.U.D. in Mississippi – Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance

  4. Insurance Information Center

  5. Jackson County Civil Defense

    Civil Defense/Emergency Management acts as a coordinating agency during times of emergency or disaster.

  6. Know Your Stuff

    Making a Home Inventory – Information and free software for making an inventory of your home contents.

  7. Mississippi Development Authority

    The Mississippi Development Authority is the State of Mississippi's lead economic and community development agency.

  8. Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

  9. Mississippi Home Corporation

    The Mississippi Home Corporation is charged with raising funds from private investors to finance the acquisition, construction and rehabilitation of residential housing for persons of low to moderate income within the State.

  10. Mississippi Renewal Forum

  11. National Weather Service

  12. NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  13. NOAA Now COAST Weather Mapping and GIS System

    Web mapping portal to real-time coastal observations and NOAA forecasts. This is a new service that provides an extremely flexible and interactive combination of mapping information, weather radar, satellite imagery, and surface observations on

  14. NOAA Southern Regional Climate Center

  15. Small Business Administration – Disaster Recovery

  16. U.S. Fire Administration – The U.S. Fire Administration (FEMA) home page

Pay Your Bills Online

  1. City Clerk (Privilege Licenses, Special Events, Walks/Runs)

    No Water Bills payment

  2. Municipal Court (Fines And Citations)

    No Water Bill payments. do not use for securix/court status, insurance diversion payments

  3. Water Bills

  4. Building/Planning (Permits/Bonfire, Food Trucks, and Golf Carts)

    No Water Bills payment

  5. Adopted Fee Schedule

Public Works (Permits, Applications and Forms)

  1. Work Request (Streets, Sewer, Water, Drainage)

Unified Development Code

  1. UDC

  2. Appendix