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Run-Walk Event Permit

  1. Ocean Springs Application For Run/Walk Permit
    • a non-refundable fee of $50
    • a non-refundable non-profit fee of $15

    Event permits should be submitted 30 days in advance. 

  2. Event details (end by 10 pm)
  3. Route Information

    These are the only routes that will be approved by the city. Certain routes will require barricades, volunteers, and the support of the Ocean Springs Police Department. Based on the route that is chosen, additional costs will incur.

    Harley 10K

    This route requires:

    • Volunteers: 13
    • Barricades: 31
    • Police: 5


    Ocean Springs Bridge/Front Beach

    This route requires:

    • Volunteers: 0
    • Barricades: 0
    • Police: 0


    Wesson Memorial 2 mile

    This route requires:

    • Volunteers: 2
    • Barricades: 0
    • Police: 3


    Rotary 5K

    This route requires:

    • Volunteers: 13
    • Barricades: 31
    • Police: 5


    YMCA 10K

    This route requires:

    • Volunteers: 9
    • Barricades: 18
    • Police: 5


    Night of Neon 5K

    This route requires:

    • Volunteers: 6
    • Barricades: 20
    • Police: 5


  4. Organization Information
  5. Individual Making Application For Organization
  6. Administrative Rules For Rules Of Pedi Cycle That Utilize City Streets

    Sponsors are responsible for all participants to adhere to the rules

    • All participants must wear reflective clothing or a safety vest, visible day or night.
    • Sponsors must provide traffic cones with reflective signage that reads (caution special event, runners/pedi cyclist sharing the roadway) along the proposed route.
    • No more than two runners/cyclists abreast while on the road and runners/cyclists must run near the side of the roadway (cyclists may not use sidewalks).
    • The roadway is designed for vehicular travel, be courteous and allow vehicular traffic to pass safely. Even if it means stepping to the side of the road and briefly stopping (i.e. runners).

    Any violations of the administrative rules can result in the permit being revoked, the event being suspended immediately and/or future permits being denied. The rules are subject to change without notice if the need arises for Public Safety.

  7. Public Demonstrations And Parades Are Covered Under City Of Ocean Springs Code Of Ordinances

    Shaded items below are not provided or coordinated by the City Of Ocean Springs, there are fees associated with some of the items below.

  8. Please indicate the service(s), equipment, and supplies used/needed/required for your event below.

    If you need port-a-lets click above on this application.

    In applying for this permit, I the undersigned, as the responsible individual of the above-named organization, agree to hold the city of ocean springs free and harmless of any liability which may result from said event, and accept full responsibility for any liability.

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