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Alice Street Facility

  1. Alice Street Park Rental Agreement

    REV 06/08/2021

    400 Alice Street
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564
    You must be at least 21 years of age to rent the facility and sign this contract.
    Rentals are for a 12-hour period of time, Saturdays and Sundays only.
    This is a tobacco-free facility.

  2. Rental Fees

    Private Rental Fee


    The conference room can be rented when there is no formal rental of the building at a cost of $50 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) for smaller functions (meetings, parties, etc.) of 25 people or less.

    All rental fees must be paid prior to the date of the function. Failure to pay fees 2 full weeks in advance will result in the cancellation of the rental agreement. A day rental includes all set-up/tear-down time during the day of the event. Once the building has been inspected by the Parks Department $200 deposit will be returned.

  3. Rental Procedures

    It is the renter’s responsibility to contact the Parks and Recreation Department to make all set-up arrangements at 228-875-8665.

    The Parks and Recreation Services Department reserves the right to operate city programs.

    The deposit is due the day the facility is booked. The balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the event. (The deposit is refundable after the event provided there is no damage to the facility or its contents. If the event is canceled before the rental date, the deposit is non-refundable.) Reservations for groups composed of minors will be issued only to adults (parents, teachers, and legal guardians) who will accept responsibility for supervision through the period covered by the rental agreement.

  4. Alcohol

    No persons or group renting this facility will be permitted to sell alcoholic beverages to the public unless the seller is Licensed and Bonded by the State of Mississippi. Groups are permitted to bring alcoholic beverages for their Personal Consumption Only.

    No underage drinking will be allowed in any city facility.

    If any type of alcohol is present on the premises of this facility, you are required to have security present.

  5. Security Guards And Chaperones

    For security reasons, any function serving alcohol must have 2 security officers on duty during the event.

    Youth groups who do not have acceptable adult supervisors are not allowed to reserve rooms in the Parks and Recreation Services facility. Only adult advisors (21 years of age or older) are allowed to make the arrangements.

    The adult who signs the rental agreement assumes responsibility for the required arrangements as well as liability for any and all damages incurred during the event.

    All groups/functions with over 50 guests must have 2 security guards. An additional chaperone is required for every 50 children/teens. For example, if there are 100 children/teens, you will need 2 security officers and 2 chaperones. The chaperone’s name and phone number must be provided before the contract can be signed.

    The cost for each security guard is $35 per hour.

    There is a minimum of 4 hours per security guard.

    The City will book the security guards through the Ocean Springs Police Department. 

    The security guard fee will need to be paid separately on the night of your event.

    Failure to provide security will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the reservation and possible forfeiture of the deposit.

    The City of Ocean Springs reserves the right to require additional security at its discretion.

    There will be a technician employed by the City of Ocean Springs present at all times when the facility is reserved or occupied. This employee will be there to open and close the facility, and will control all equipment located on the premises of this facility, however, the City employee on duty will not handle or move property owned by those other than the City.

    This technician will not act as a chaperone for any group.

  6. Tables and Chairs Available
    • 20 6-feet rectangular tables
    • 110 chairs
  7. Decorating

    Decorating must be done during the time period you have reserved this facility.

    (If you wish to decorate the day before the event, you must pay the rental fee of $400).

    • Materials such as tacks, nails, staples, glue, etc. may not be used to attach decorations to walls or tables. Masking tape may be used for applying decorations to wood surfaces. No tape on the sheetrock wall. Damage to walls will result in loss of deposit and possible additional fees and charges.
    • Rice is not to be used, birdseed is permitted outdoors. Bubbles and rose petals are preferred items to be used in wedding celebrations.
    • The facility must be completely vacated at the end of the function within the agreed rental time (band equipment, etc). The Parks and Leisure Services Department will not be responsible for any items left in the facility following the conclusion of the reserved event.
    • All food must be prepared in advance. Stoves and Microwaves may be used for heating food only. The kitchen area (counters, tables, refrigerator, and utensils) must be cleaned by the rental party.
    • Any food remaining from the event must be removed from the facility. If any food is left, it will be disposed of immediately after the event.
    • No glass bottles (soft drinks or beer). No open containers will be allowed outside the building.
    • No person or group renting the facility will be permitted to sell alcoholic beverages in the facility or on the premises. Renters are permitted to bring alcoholic beverages for personal consumption provided they meet all security requirements.
    • Gambling in any form is strictly prohibited.
    • Under no circumstances are tables, chairs, or any equipment/furniture to be removed from this facility.
    • No spray glue, spray glitter, or any type of aerosol adhesives will be allowed in the facility.
    • Changing the appearance of this building other than normal decorating is not permitted.
  8. Important Notice

    The entire facility is tobacco-free including electronic smoking devices. 

    There will be no exceptions.

    If this policy is not enforced with your guests, you will forfeit your deposit.

  9. Emergency Contact

    Stephen Glorioso

    Phone: 662-721-3873

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