The City of Ocean Springs maintains a sewer system that is capable of collecting and transporting 7 millions per gallon/per day (mpg). We manage and operate this system through a series of sewer mains and numerous pumping stations.

Our sewage is pumped to the Jackson County Utility Authority whereby it is transported 7 miles north to a land treatment facility that dispenses the wastewater over a wide surface area. Because of this, there is no direct discharge of City sewer into any of our waterways.

The Public Works Sewer Department is responsible for installing sewer taps for all residential and commercial construction in the City of Ocean Springs. Please click on the link below to view the Schedule of Fees for Sewer Service Connections. Please be advised that this is only a guide and a formal request for fees must be made to the Public Works Department.

Check Sewer Fees.

Check the City of Ocean Springs Grease Trap Ordinance.

Before You Dig

Protect yourselves and your property against all underground utility damage and liability (not just City utilities such as water and wastewater pipes)

Call 811 before you dig to find out where the underground utility lines might be buried. The service is free and it's the law. Visit Mississippi 811 Website to find out more.