Trent Lott Theater Infomation

General Information

The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center was the original school building for the City of Ocean Springs.  The building has been restored and the original theater has been completely modernized.  The Trent Lott Theater is a very well-appointed space with excellent acoustics.  There is a large amount of space backstage and it has excellent sound and light systems.

383    Seating Capacity
272    Seats on Lower Floor
111     Seats on Upper Balcony
4        Handicapped Areas Available on Lower Floor

Elevator is available between lower and upper seats
Public restrooms are ADA compliant


Stage Dimensions:

Proscenium width 29 feet
Semi-circle style stage front
Trim height approximately 14 feet
Wing space on stage left is 15 feet
Wing space on stage right is 15 feet

Stage floor is resilient and was built for dancers (excellent sound for tap dancing), but please do not put any tape on the floor without consulting with the Technical Director.

Mary C - house
Mary C - Backstage

Backstage Dimensions:

There is a 6 x 10-foot loading door located on back wall, through access is a bit limited.  The open backstage area has a 30-foot ceiling height.  There is a mezzanine above the dressing rooms.



Green room
Two dressing rooms, one with a full bath
One full bath
One half bath
Technical Storage
Janitor’s closet



The Grand Drape is a full draw red curtain.  There are two draw type black travelers: one midstage and one upstage.  One white curtain (cyc) is located upstage and one very tall black final curtain.

Flying Trusses:

There are two flying trusses that may be used.  One is at Stage Center and has a movie screen hung, (it can be removed for use of something ells).  The second is upstage.



We have a Baby Grand Piano available for use on stage.  It is tuned before each show at the expense of the user.  We will mic the piano for ultimate sound.

Baby Grand
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1800, Ocean Springs, MS 39566-1800
Delivery Address: 1018 Porter Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 39564