Notice: Rescheduling of September 15 BOA Recess Meeting to September 14, 2020


UPDATED to 2:00 pm September 14, 2020

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Aldermen of the City of Ocean Springs will meet at City Hall on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 2:00 pm for the purpose of rescheduling the recessed Board of Aldermen meeting of September 15, 2020 due to Tropical Storm Sally.

I, Shea Dobson, Mayor of the City of Ocean Springs, MS do hereby waive further notice of and consent to a special call meeting of the Board of Aldermen at 2:00 pm on September 14, 2020 in the City Hall of the City for the purpose hereinabove stated.

This notice is being given pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. 21-9-39 of the Mississippi Code of 1972 as annotated and amended and the City of Ocean Springs Unified Development Code. A copy of this notice and consent to a special meeting shall be sent by the City Clerk to local media and posted as required by law.


/s/Shea Dobson                _
Shea Dobson, Mayor

/s/Patty Gaston                  _
Patty Gaston, City Clerk


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