Department: Police Department
Status: Hourly, Part-Time
Hours: Hours will vary

Warrants Officer (Part-Time)

This is a sworn law enforcement officer position working variable part-time hours, with focus on serving warrants and assisting in the municipal court.


  • Locate and arrest wanted fugitives of the Court
  • Serves warrants by field contacts, phone contact, and physical arrest if necessary
  • Maintaining records and reports as necessary
  • Record Retention
  • Providing security in the court offices
  • Maintains safety of court room by serving as Court Bailiff by arresting and transporting defendants
  • Other assigned duties


  • Part-Time Police Officer Certification from State of Mississippi
  • Minimum 21 years old

The following information is to be retained by the applicant and not returned with the completed application.

The work of a commissioned police officer involves responsibility for the protection of life and property, prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals and the general enforcement of laws and ordinances. Duties normally consist of routine patrol, preliminary investigation and traffic regulation.

Police officers also may be assigned duties as investigators, court security officers, crime prevention officers, accident investigators, firearms instructors, hostage negotiators, dog handlers, special response teams or other related duties. Work involves an element of personal danger. The employee must be able to exercise sound independent judgment under stress. Assignments may include work on special tasks which call upon specialized abilities and knowledge possessed by the officer. Work assignments can be general or specific and instructions are received from a supervisor who reviews work methods and results through reports, personal inspection and discussion.

Duties and Responsibilities

Crime Prevention and Investigation

  • Performs preventive patrol in assigned areas;
  • Continually observes for criminal activity, safety hazards, traffic violations, persons needing assistance, etc.;
  • Becomes and remains familiar with patrol districts, geographic locations, known offenders, neighborhood routines, potential problem areas;
  • Conducts security inspections and surveys of buildings and businesses and makes recommendations regarding security, etc.;
  • Makes presentations to groups and individuals on subjects related to the job’s tasks and functions;
  • Handles complaints made by the public;
  • Observes for, detects and investigates violations of laws and ordinances and documents those actions for future use;
  • Conducts interviews and interrogations of victims, witnesses, suspects and offenders;
  • Conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations;
  • Identifies, collects, processes, packages and logs physical evidence;
  • Collects information and either acts upon it if within the scope of his/her authority or routes it to the proper authority or agency;
  • Conducts searches of persons, places, vehicles and things;
  • Identifies and arrests offenders, including subduing resistive arrestees;
  • Seeks and serves arrest warrants, search warrants and other court documents;
  • Assists prosecutors in the preparation of cases for trial;
  • Appears and testifies in court, juvenile hearings, at deposition sessions and similar proceedings;
  • Enforces traffic and parking laws, including driving under the influence detection and apprehension;
  • Controls, regulates and directs vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  • Investigates traffic accidents, including protecting the scene, aiding the injured, controlling traffic, clearing the scene, determining the cause, preparing reports and diagrams;
  • Assists disabled motorists;
  • Deals with children of all ages in a variety of situations, such as delinquents, minors requiring authoritative intervention, neglected, abused, runaways, lost, found, victims of crimes, public relations and instructional functions and informants.


Miscellaneous Order Maintenance

  • Deals with domestic disputes and other interpersonal and business contacts.
  • Recognizes and corrects or reports public hazards and inconveniences, as gas leaks, traffic signals out of service, traffic obstructions and other safety hazards;
  • Responds to specific requests for ambulance/fire service and assists as needed;
  • Administers first aid, including CPR, to sick and injured persons;
  • Investigates incidents, involving dead persons resulting from criminal, accidental, suicidal, and natural causes, including determination of the circumstances and handling/removal of the body and dealing with the family, relatives, friends, witnesses, etc.;
  • Investigates reports of lost and found property;
  • Investigates reports of missing and found persons;
  • Investigates animal complaints, including the humane disposition of severely injured animals;
  • Directs and/or supervises civilian employees and the public at the scenes of crimes, accidents, disasters, assemblies, etc.;
  • Generally assists persons in distress.


Organizational Support

  • May perform desk duties, including telecommunications (telephone, computer terminal, radio), assisting persons at the counters of the station, processing reports;
  • Conducts background investigations for prospective applicants;
  • Attends training as assigned;
  • Develops and maintains required skills and licenses/permits/certifications associated with area of special instruction, expertise, etc. (firearms qualification, evidence technician, juvenile law, criminal investigation, breathalyzer operator, instructor, etc.);
  • Trains new officers, reserve officers and other officers in areas of special skills or expertise;
  • Prepares clear, accurate and complete reports on any and all activities engaged in.


Work Characteristics/Conditions

Scheduling, Police officer positions involve regular and irregular shift work and shift rotations necessary to provide police services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year (weekends and holidays included). Work shifts are normally twelve (12) hours in duration but may be extended in the event of emergency, disaster, manpower shortage, workload or work in progress.

Environmental Factors, Police officer positions involve exposure to and requires the officer to function in the presence of the following:

  • Inclement weather, to include extreme heat/cold, rain, snow, wind, etc.;
  • Light conditions associated with day, night and indoor/outdoor conditions;
  • Fire, smoke, chemical leaks/spills – as close proximity as necessary to provide emergency services;
  • Personal danger, including but not limited to:
    • o Armed and/or dangerous persons/animals;
    • o Persons and/or articles with contagious/communicable diseases;
    • o Hazards associated with emergency driving, traffic control and working in and around traffic;
    • o Hazards associated with natural and man-made disasters.


Infectious Diseases

Because police officers may be called upon in adverse conditions to come into physical contact with others, the City will not knowingly expose citizens or other employees to an employee infected with a contagious disease that poses a direct threat to others. Decisions regarding infectious diseases will be based on reasonable medical judgments given the state of medical knowledge about: a) the nature of the risk (how the disease is transmitted), b) the duration of the risk (how long the carrier is infectious), c) the severity of the risk (what is the potential harm to third parties), and d) the probability that the disease would be transmitted and will cause varying degrees of harm.

Physical Abilities Motor Skills/Flexibility

The police officer position requires the employee to have and maintain the physical and mental ability to:

  • React and move rapidly from a sedentary to active condition in response to environmental situations or events;
  • Assume a variety of bodily positions and postures necessary to employ available “cover and concealment” during a deadly force encounter;
  • Respond to a physical attack and possess the ability to escape the attacker and/or summon aid;
  • Operate and qualify with department authorized/issued firearms, utilizing both hands, as well as each individually;
  • Operate office equipment, such as telephones, audio/visual devices, computer or workstation keyboards, calculators and security locking systems;
  • Operate all equipment necessary for performing routine daily assignments, apprehending and processing criminals and conducting both criminal and traffic related investigations;
  • Operate/utilize all department vehicle mounted equipment whether in a mobile or stationary mode;
  • Administer first aid, to include Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR);
  • Perform required duties for extended periods of time while exposed to adverse conditions, to include time worked in excess of the normal daily duty shift and rotating shift work;
  • Apprehend suspects to the extent of engaging in foot pursuits while summoning assistance and/or engaging in the necessary use of force;
  • Discern colors as they are applied in traffic safety situations (electric signals, signing, hazardous materials placards, vehicle and clothing descriptions, etc.);
  • Adequately judge distances and estimate speed;
  • See, read and recognize obstacles in a variety of normal and/or emergency environments. Have vision that is correctable to “department vision” standards;
  • Determine or estimate the point of origin of noise;
  • Recognize/relate sound to situations based on frequencies or voice inflection within the normal range of human hearing;
  • Employ the normal senses of touch and smell.


Communicative Skills

The police officer position further requires the employee to have and maintain the physical and mental condition needed to:


  • Speak, read and write the English language in a clear, understandable fashion;
  • Reasonably identify and display basic non-verbal communications (body language);


Effectively relate to or communicate with a variety of personality types during interpersonal contacts.

Judgment/Decision Making Ability

The police officer position requires the employee have the ability to:

  • Comprehend and implement verbal and written instructions;
  • Apply reasoning skills when confronted with circumstances requiring discretionary decisions;
  • Establish priorities and construct subsequent plans when investigating incidents or events;
  • Formulate and carry out an appropriate course of action for a given situation for which no specific rule or procedure has been established;
  • Apply theory based instruction or training to actual incidents/situations;
  • Handle situations firmly, courteously, tactfully and impartially;
  • Retain and retrieve information furnished in the form of bulletins, verbal reports, training keys, etc.;
  • Be capable of receiving and giving instructions.


Emotional/Psychological Stability

The police officer position requires the employee to have the emotional and psychological stability required to:

  • Cope with and perform day to day duties under the principles of discipline;
  • Maintain self control when receiving constructive criticism and/or being ridiculed;
  • Continue performing all required tasks at a professional level when faced with unpleasant circumstances;
  • Perform police duties without dependence on alcohol/narcotics;
  • Deal effectively with the morbid, the macabre, the repugnant, the abnormal, the morose, the psychotic, the neurotic and the otherwise unpleasant or unusual facets or results of human behavior.

City of Ocean Springs Employment Application

  • Read carefully and follow all instructions. Failure to follow instructions may result in disqualification.
  • Completion of the Employment Application is required, even if you include your resume.
  • If a deadline is posted, it applies to when the Application is received by the Human Resources Department, not the date mailed, completed, or submitted to any department other than Human Resources. Applications received by Human Resources after the deadline, regardless of postmark, will be kept on file for one year for eligibility for future openings of that position/test, but will not be eligible for the current position/test.

Position applying for:

Additional Information

NOTE: A conviction does not necessarily disqualify one for employment.

Employment History

Start with current or most recent job and list all employment (including FT, PT, temporary, and any periods of unemployment) for the last 10 years, at a minimum. Complete all sections of this form; you may attach your résumé to provide more detail. Do not leave any blanks.

Current/Latest Employment
Second Latest Employment
Third Latest Employment

Education and Training

List your high school, GED, and formal education beyond high school.


Do NOT list anyone related to you. Do NOT list any elected official of the City of Ocean Springs. List three persons you have known for at least one year. Provide current contact information.

How Did You Learn of this Position?

Equal Opportunity

The City of Ocean Springs encourages Employment Applications from qualified candidates without regard to race, color, sex, age, disability status, marital status, national origin, ancestry, political affiliation or beliefs, religious affiliation or beliefs, or any other legally protected status.

Applicant’s Statement and Certification

Read carefully before signing.

  • I understand that this Application is valid for 12 months for the position selected on Page One. I also understand that this Application, any attachments, and test papers become the property of the City of Ocean Springs (the City) upon submission and will not be returned to me, the applicant.
  • I understand that possession of the minimum qualifications does not ensure that I will be invited to the next phase of the process. Likewise, I understand that completing and passing City testing (if applicable) does not guarantee that I will receive an interview or an offer of employment.
  • I understand that I must bring and show valid government-issued photo ID for positive identification for employment testing.
  • I understand that hiring and compensation decisions are contingent upon approval of the City of Ocean Springs Board of Aldermen.
  • I understand that, per Civil Service Rule 20, any person employed by the City of Ocean Springs shall reside within a 50-mile radius of the City of Ocean Springs within the first six months of employment.
  • I understand that, per Miss. Code Ann. 21-31-15 (2011), all applicants for a position of any kind under civil service must be a citizen of the United States and an elector of the county in which he/she resides.
  • I understand that the City of Ocean Springs is a Drug-Free Workplace, and that the City requires post-offer drug/alcohol testing prior to employment, and conducts post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and random drug/alcohol testing during employment.
  • I understand that the City of Ocean Springs participates in the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify program and that, upon hire, all new employees must verify identity and entitlement to work in the United States by providing required original documentation. I understand that my identity and employment eligibility will be verified if I am offered and accept employment.
  • I understand that all employees are hired as probationary ‘at-will’ employees, meaning that employment may be terminated at any time with or without cause; that employees on new-hire probation are not covered by civil service; and that successful completion of the new-hire probationary period by a full-time employee results in civil service status, but does not guarantee continuation of employment. I also understand that part-time and temporary positions are always ‘at-will’ and do not obtain civil service status.
  • I understand that if I am offered and accept employment with the City, then I am required to abide by the rules and regulations of the City of Ocean Springs.
  • I certify that the answers given by me in this Application and any attachments are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any misstatement or omission of fact in this Application or in any document used to obtain employment may result in rejection of this Application, removal from any employment list, disqualification from future consideration for employment, and/or immediate termination of employment, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery of the misstatement or omission.
  • I understand that all answers and information are subject to investigation and verification.
  • I acknowledge that I have read and understand this statement and the instructions throughout this Application.

Authorization for Inquiry and Release of Information

Having made application for employment with the City of Ocean Springs, I hereby authorize the City to research and make inquiry of my history and records including financial, academic, military, employment, judicial, criminal, driving record, personal references, and/or online social networking pages. I further authorize the release of all such information to the City, and I agree that such organizations, persons, and others shall not be held liable for such information or damages that may result from furnishing the information requested. I understand my rights under the Privacy Act of 1974, with regard to access and disclosure of records, and I waive these rights with the understanding that information furnished will be used by the City of Ocean Springs for the application and employment process. 
This Authorization will be valid whether as an original, a photocopy, or a fax copy, and remains valid for one year after I sign. Upon request, a copy of this signed Authorization may be furnished to the school, present or former employer, present or former landlord, criminal justice agency, or other persons and organizations asked to provide information.

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