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Request to Inspect, Copy or Reproduce Public Records

"Right Click" here and "Open Link in New Tab" for free public access to Mississippi Code of 1972 Unannotated, Title 25, Chapter 61 (Public Access to Public Records)

I have read and understand the published statements entitled "Policy and Procedure - Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983" and I further understand that the actual cost of compliance with my request, if granted, shall be borne by me, including mailing costs if applicable. I also understand that:

* Any request shall be clear and concise and shall be directed toward only one subject matter.

** Actual costs of compliance with my request, if granted, shall be paid by me in advance of the receipt of any information.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COST – By signing below, I understand a fee may be charged to cover the direct costs of search, review, and reproduction. I understand such costs must be paid PRIOR to the production of the public record(s). I understand the costs for searching, reviewing, and reproducing the records may exceed initial estimates and I agree to pay additional costs if they exceed the original estimate. Should the request require extensive research or copies, the requestor agrees to allow additional time for processing the requested documentation to be mutually agreed upon by the parties. IMPORTANT: THEFT OR ALTERATION OF STATE RECORDS IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY LAW, MISS. CODE ANN 25-59-23 (1972).



-Copy rate/per page - $0.25

-Postage – Current Rate

-Search, Review, Reproduction (per hour/per staff member) - $17.00

-Email files under 25MB - No charge

-USB Flash Drive - $10 each

-Inspect in person - $10.00 plus staff hourly rate in 15 minute increments.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1800, Ocean Springs, MS 39566-1800
Delivery Address: 1018 Porter Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 39564