How do I get a copy of my Incident Report or Accident Report? Is there a fee?

Incident/crime reports are available to involved parties on a case-by-case basis. The first copy of an incident report is free. Submit your request for these reports in person at the OSPD Records Office. Valid photo ID is required. Under no circumstances do we give out copies of reports that involve juveniles. 

Accident/crash reports are available online for a cost of $25 each through the State of Mississippi eCrash portal. They also are available at a cost of $20 each when you request in person at the OSPD Records Office. NOTE: Parking lot accidents are not on the eCrash portal; they are available only through our Records Office, and the cost is $20 each.

The Records Office accepts only EXACT CHANGE and only CASH or MONEY ORDERS. We also do not accept any bill higher than $20. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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