Proposed Urban Renewal Plan

The City of Ocean Springs Proposed Urban Renewal Project.

Urban Renewal is the key to sustainable development. The purpose is to develop and redevelop various areas within the City. Urban Renewal projects are used to enhance economic development. 

The City of Ocean Springs has six proposed urban renewal areas:

Proposed Urban Renewal Areas

Urban Renewal Area 1 map
Urban Renewal Area 2 map
Urban Renewal Area 3 map
Urban Renewal Area 4 map
Urban Renewal Area 5 map
Urban Renewal Area 6 map
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Urban renewal is designed to benefit people within the urban renewal area, in surrounding neighborhoods, and throughout the city.  benefits from the results of urban renewal include job and economic opportunities, better planning, more public spaces, more efficient traffic patterns, and more enjoyable amenities. A more vibrant area will draw businesses, and residents, and stimulate the local economy.

Next Steps: 

  • The proposed Urban Renewal Plan will go to the planning commission for review and recommendation as to its conformity with the Comprehensive Plan of the City.
  • The Planning Commission’s recommendation will then go before the Board of Aldermen which will include a public hearing.  

Read the full Urban Renewal Plan.

Read the state statute. 

If you have questions regarding the proposed Urban Renewal Plan, please send them to